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Managed I.T. Services and Support to Help Your Business Grow

The importance of having and maintaining the right tool for the job, planning strategically, and executing tactically. 

Having a functional, supportable, and well maintained I.T. business infrastructure is just as critical as air conditioning in a Texas summer. When properly working, your I.T. investment provides a comfortable atmosphere to keep your employees productive. No one notices it until something goes wrong. And if it breaks, the downtime boils over into frustration, missed opportunities and revenue loss.

Abraham Lincoln is famously credited with the adage “give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”.

There is a lot of wisdom in those words. Having the right tool for the job, taking care of your tools, learning, and knowing how to use them, planning for and executing a task, using tools as strength multipliers, are just a few of the lessons learned from these wise words.

At Modo Networks, our team has applied the same principles in identifying, implementing, and maintaining the best tools, procedures, and policies to secure our customer’s I.T. infrastructure and protect their end-users. We choose industry leading tools with enterprise grade quality, such as Webroot, ConnectWise (Continuum/Sentinel One), I.T. Glue, Microsoft 365 / Azure, and other vendors, to manage our small business customers.

From Webroot, we offer several of their solutions including Business Endpoint protection, DNS protection, and Security Awareness Training “designed to serve the unique challenges faced by MSPs and small- to medium-sized businesses. Integrated into the same unified admin console, Webroot’s cybersecurity solutions offer the automation and ease of management you need to successfully grow your business.”

We also offer Dark Web Monitoring for the reasons quoted here from Security.org: “Cyberspace is like the Wild West. Honest pioneers build upstanding communities, yet there’s lots of room for criminals to roam free! Identity thieves can connect on the dark web, a network of sites not found through Google or other search engines. There a person can sell stolen Netflix logins, for example, and be pretty confident that authorities won’t find their location. Some common sorts of data to sell on the dark web are account logins, SSNs, driver’s license data, medical account numbers, bank account numbers, and credit card numbers. The best identity theft protection plans include dark web monitoring and alerts about stolen records. With timely notification, you can change your passwords, freeze your credit, and/or take other steps to avoid serious consequences of ID theft.

As we’ve seen, having the right tools to support your I.T. infrastructure enables your employees to reach their potential production because the network, computers, and applications they need to do their jobs are up to date, available and sharp. From a supportability perspective, knowing how to use these tools is equally important. With over 150 years of combined senior leadership experience based in enterprise environments, we leverage our skills with these tools to create, enable and/or implement the complementary policies and procedures to build a holistic, secure, I.T. infrastructure for our customers.

Our holistic approach includes discussions and implementation of policies to secure your environment. Policies should include ensuring anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware are deployed and up to date on every computer. Additional best practice policies include enforcing the use of strong passphrases and regular password/phrase changes, turning on automatic screen lock for computers, deploying a banner prior to logging into a computer, creating Role Based Access Control (RBAC) rules for systems and groups of employees, encryption, all done while adhering to and exceeding ITIL standards and CIS security benchmarks for policy creation.

The wisdom of Honest Abe endures through the ages because it is a universal truth of the human condition. Take care of your tools and they will take care of you. If Abe had one I.T. tool to sharpen today, he’d probably choose Multi-Factor Authentication.

If Abe Lincoln were alive today and asked to do some tree trimming, he’d probably buy a chainsaw, or more likely, outsource his tree removal needs to a company that reflects his values and specializes in arbor reduction. Because as Abe understood, the investment in and maintenance of quality tools, policies, procedures, and training gives peace of mind to us and in turn we pass that same peace of mind to our customers.

We ask you to do the same when considering your I.T. needs. Reach out to us and leave I.T. to Modo!